Team Members


Hiroki Tsutsumi

Investment Sales Associate

Hiroki is a driven and dedicated professional with a strong background in real estate and corporate services. During his time at Panasonic, he worked closely with their Real Estate, Fleet, Facilities, Travels, and Real Estate Legal Team. Hiroki was the liaison with Cushman & Wakefield to actively assess the firm’s portfolio and explore potential future transactions. Hiroki’s duties included summarizing and analyzing leases for the Panasonic portfolio, reviewing monthly financials and fiscal closings, and gaining substantial experience in asset management and financial analysis.

Hiroki attended Montclair State University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Real Estate. During his time at Montclair State, Hiroki ran the Real Estate Society Club as an executive board member. Per his duties Hiroki has been dedicated to educating members about the amplexus world real estate offers. He would organize informative events about the vast opportunities in real estate and post daily content about real estate on the club-operated LinkedIn page. Through active participation in real estate conferences and networking with industry experts, Hiroki developed a robust understanding of the investment sales landscape.

In addition to their professional accomplishments, Hiroki is proficient in Japanese, enhancing their ability to engage with a diverse range of clients.
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