Carlos Zuleta

Team Members Carlos Zuleta

Investment Sales Associate

Carlos Zuleta has been in sales all his life and learned the true meaning of customer service. Having excelled in everything from phone sales to door to door sales to selling for major financial companies, he has worked successfully with people of all kinds, and always achieved his goals no matter what obstacles came his way.  Carlos pursued real estate sales over ten years ago thanks to the example of his family in the business. He has since worked with some of the best brokers in the industry who consider him to be the “one to look out for”​ due to his  extreme hard work and highly successful closing rate.

While an expert deal-maker, Carlos also believes that the key to being a good broker is someone who will work in their clients’​ best interest and not in their own. Carlos is honest, knowledgeable of the market, available when you need him, plus has a strong track record in real estate transactions, which is what you should look for in a professional. “I will act as your liaison, with top-notch service all the way,”​ he says. “Being an aggressive negotiator guarantees that I’ll get you the best price possible whether you are buying or selling.   Born in Colombia, Carlos has lived in Brooklyn, New York from the age of five. He speaks fluent Spanish and English, and graduated in Business Management from Interboro Institute.